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John Davis is president and Executive Director of The Mental Health Counselor’s Association of Palm Beach.  He is an addictions expert and a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a boutique private practice in downtown Delray Beach, FL. His focus is recovery from substance abuse and the emotional and spiritual elements required.  His is “12 step friendly” and works with a variety of modalities to cure addiction.  John helps individuals and families especially adults and adolescents troubled by substance abuse and the attendant mood disorders.  He is also an expert with couples struggling with infidelity, especially when related to addiction.  Need an appointment? Text John at 561-213-8030.

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Our approach is varied and developed in collaboration with our clients. We employ and eclectic program of proven therapies, validated over many years with a broad range of client issues. Among them are these:

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Our standard session lasts about 50 minutes and is $150. Retainer programs are available. Cash, local checks are preferred form of payment. Credit cards are accepted when necessary.


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