Mood disturbances

Bipolar personality disorder and mood disturbances

Our moods can swing broadly from high to low for many reasons. Normal, to some extent, it can be maddening to feel out of control of our moodiness and unable to restore our general sense of ease and good will. Depression and mania may run the gamut from to episodic to chronic, and may turn deadly if not addressed.

It is very important that clients have a recent medical checkup and a psychiatric review before embarking into an insight oriented talking therapy. Bi-polarity runs in families and persons with family history are likely to have a biological predisposition to express symptoms of mood disorder.

Mood fluctuation can also surface for contextual reasons as well. Stressful events that bring loss inevitably cause periods of “normal” depression. Sadness and anger can often be a very appropriate response to unfortunate life events. Our mental status also relies heavily on bodily condition. Diet and exercise play a giant role, along with adequate exposure to sunlight. Support of family and friends and a “good enough” pattern of sleep are all critical contributors to anyone’s mood. Dieting, exercise, smoking cessation and regular sleep are the foundations of relieving mood disorders at their base. There can also be important thoughts, beliefs and feelings that form a backdrop for how our moods form. Resilience, especially emotional resilience, is an indicator of how well a person can self-manage naturally alternating moods. An older patient came to us recently in a very depressed state of mind. Retired for only a few years, his lifestyle.,,,,,,

Do you feel like you have no control over your moods? Let’s work on that together. Schedule a consultation today.

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