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Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder is believed to be a very real neurological condition resulting from the failure of the developing brain to “prune” itself as it matures cv maken f...

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One needn’t worry whether they are truly an “alcoholic” or “drug addict” to start getting help. If substances or behaviors are compromising your best self, it’s time to act knipprogramma d...

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Fear and nervousness can rise for many reasons and with many expressions, from a mild uneasiness to full blown panic accompanied by sweating, high pulse rates and difficulty breathing download wba. Th...

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Chronic Impulsivity

Our failure to adequately control our impulses can lead to lives of excess and poor judgement, destroying relationships, families and careers. Short attention spans and hyperactivity can erode our abi...

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Couples Counseling

herunterladen The most passionate relationships can grow stormy over time, and lose their appeal.  Couples can become “roommates” and lose the intimacy and fun that is their center.  Wor...

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Building and keeping alive a strong marital relationship requires great persistence, self-discipline and patience. Long term relationships developed over years offer us one of the great spiritual less...

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Job loss, Relocation, Death and Divorce

ubuntu vollversion downloaden deutsch These life changes are some of the most stressful events we can encounter. Change is the one constant thing we must accept. Our flexibility and strength to endure...

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Mood disturbances

Our moods can swing broadly from high to low for many reasons. Normal, to some extent, it can be maddening to feel out of control of our moodiness and unable to restore our general sense of ease and g...

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Narcissism and Destructive Narcissistic Patterns

All healthy people have good self esteem and a strong ego, critical components of surviving and thriving in a chaotic world. For many reasons, self confidence can become grandiose and express as destr...

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Families and parenting can provide for us one of the greatest explorations of spirituality the universe has to offer. There are many forces exerting stress on this process in every developmental phase...

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Spiritual issues

All genuinely valuable therapy will eventually include an open frame of exploration for issues of faith, belief and the place religion may hold in one’s life Download app store games for free. A pro...

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Any experience, large or small, that leaves a significant and lasting negative impression can be referred to as traumatic, no matter how early in our lives wavepad sound editor for free. Some of the w...

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