Mindfulness techniques for anxiety and stress

Mindfulness is a powerful, supportive aid to all therapies and informs all the work we do. And one doesn’t have to be an experienced meditator to achieve it. The simple act of sitting quietly training our minds to be at peace, is an excellent path to greater personal effectiveness and living a life on purpose. Buddhist psychology is replete with the many descriptions of pathways to this kind of serenity. We encourage interested patients to learn more, offering a number of books and other resources to acquaint those who are curious.

The benefits of meditation come quickly: stronger ability to focus and stay on task, lowered stress, reduced reactivity, greater emotional resilience, less addictive behavior. No matter what we call it, “just sitting” is an excellent way to restore holistic health.

You can learn more from a variety of sources such as Meditation in Florida. Many of our patients actively participate in yoga and meditation classes held locally. Ask us about learning meditation, or about enhancing your already existing personal practice.

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