Addiction Treatment

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

Many of our patients consider what we do “intensive outpatient therapy”. Meetings take place as much as needed and there are many elements of a successful recovery program. Therapy lies at it’s heart. Alcoholism and addiction can be cured in many people. This doesn’t mean that cravings will evaporate. It means it’s possible to stop drinking. It means that persons can eventually restore manageability to their lives and live normally, albeit free of alcohol or the substances that affected them. By restoring the body’s natural health, exploring the myriad reasons a person became an addict through therapy and developing a lifestyle in which the persons sees the world clearly as it really is. We support the 12 Step philosophy and recommend AA, NA, CA and its equivalent bodies and urge those who struggle to adopt attendance at regular meetings. “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety…it is connection” goes an old saying. We feel it critical to re-establish a sense of community and social support in an environment that is non-judgmental and open. While is is possible for someone to recover without these methods, research has shown us that the chances for success are much better with the kind of support the 12 Steps offers.

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