Treatment Approaches

Addiction Treatment

Many of our patients consider what we do “intensive outpatient therapy”. Meetings take place as much as needed and there are many elements of a successful recovery program. Therapy lies at it’s ...

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The most widely used and effective therapy for a range of disorders including mood dysregulation, OCD, anxiety, panic and substance abuse. CBT seeks, through the therapeutic dialogue, the change of th...

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Couples and Relationship Counseling

Two people who love each other can solve a lot of problems quickly. Our experience of couples counseling is that it is usually brief, impactful and of enormous benefit. Getting the love we want can br...

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For many severe and highly uncomfortable cases we rely on Eye Movement Desensitization and Restructuring. Designed for relief of trauma, it is a singularly effective method that stops short of “re-t...

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Perceptions and experience are developed over a lifetime as the result of a complex set of stimuli. German psychologist Kurt Koffka was quoted as saying “The whole is other than the sum of it’s pa...

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Clinical hypnotherapy is available for a variety of complaints, including depression, panic, smoking cessation and PTSD. it is used especially to address events that have left a lasting negative impac...

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Mindfulness is a powerful, supportive aid to all therapies and informs all the work we do. And one doesn’t have to be an experienced meditator to achieve it. The simple act of sitting quietly traini...

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Parenting Consultation and Coaching

Objective consultation can restore good will and cooperation in a family struggling with parenting issues. Parents won’t always agree on styles of raising children. Adolescence especially can be a t...

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Developed by Jacob Moreno in the early 20th Century, psychodrama is used widely and with sometimes astonishing results today more than ever. It is an approach with powerful elements that illuminate ho...

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