How to Stop Drinking

Read More December 7th, 2017
How to Stop Drinking Maybe you’ve tried to stop drinking. Maybe with the help of some expensive and disruptive treatment programs that haven’t quite hit their mark with you. Maybe you’ve tried to go it “cold” and tough it out all alone. But each time… Read More

Failure to Launch: Addiction and Young Adults

Read More February 8th, 2017
Addiction is a window into someone’s disordered soul. It tells us about their pain, even when the addict thinks they are hiding. Equal parts Compassion and Confrontation are helpful in sorting out the person from the disorder. Good people are capable of exhibiting extraordinarily bad… Read More

Isn’t Pot OK, Dad?

Read More April 15th, 2013
With recent news of states adopting an aggressive, liberal stance on the legalization of marijuana, many parents are uneasy and uncertain how to respond.  What do we tell our children?  Is it ok to smoke pot?  After all, there are a lot of people lately… Read More

Addict for Life?

Read More March 23rd, 2013
Delray Beach has become a special place for people seeking to recover from addiction.  Treatment options are numerous and varied, and support systems like meeting places and halfway houses are plentiful. The climate is sunny and kind and the cost of living is fairly low… Read More

I’m Not an Alcoholic…Really.

Read More January 12th, 2013
I learned as an intern in a private outpatient facility how easy it is to fool ourselves about our addictions.  For quite a while, my role was providing counsel to individuals mandated by the court to receive counseling after getting a DUI.  A lot of… Read More

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