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Calming the Unquiet Mind: Understanding ADD/ADHD

Read More June 13th, 2018
What’s Really Going On?  Welcome to my cozy downtown private practice office.  The sun has found openings through the clouds and streams through my window onto the carpet before us.  I’m sitting with a client in our first meeting, gathering history and evaluating a range… Read More

Marathon Parenting

Read More April 17th, 2013
And what, if anything, can or must we tell our children about the horrific events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon?  Do we share our disgust and outrage that someone, another of our own species, could commit such heinous violence and acts of hatred?  How… Read More

Isn’t Pot OK, Dad?

Read More April 15th, 2013
With recent news of states adopting an aggressive, liberal stance on the legalization of marijuana, many parents are uneasy and uncertain how to respond.  What do we tell our children?  Is it ok to smoke pot?  After all, there are a lot of people lately… Read More

Teen Proofing

Read More March 30th, 2013
I once heard a rather unkind remark by a well known author suggesting that children should be placed in a state of suspended animation upon reaching puberty and held there until they reached adulthood.  Better to spare parents the insanity that usually accompanies adolescence and… Read More

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