Optimism and Self Esteem

The Optimism Angle

Read More December 10th, 2018
Get Happy Optimism has always intrigued me.  I once wondered how some people were just generally sunnier? Did they have a trait I didn’t?  How, for example, tough moments didn’t trouble them so much and they smiled just a bit more.  Maybe they made their… Read More

Happiness Now: Create the Life You Want

Read More March 20th, 2018
Learn to be Happy? Want more happiness?  Want less days when everything seems like it’s going the other way? It’s possible, with practice, to live more frequently with a stronger, more resilient attitude. It just takes some practice and getting used to.  There are no… Read More

Want to feel better? Tune up your thinking!

Read More March 2nd, 2013
Feeling low and don’t know why?  Can’t seem to shift into “happy” mode?  You are not alone.  We all go up and down.  Everyone has mood swings.  Some more than others.  Sometimes dangerously so, appearing as mania and depression.  But what if there were a… Read More

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