How to be Calm in Your Heart

Read More March 19th, 2019
Title: How to be Calm in Your Heart Life is Stress I don’t know about you but the heavy traffic and crowded restaurants and crabby grocery shoppers have me at my limit.  Yeah, we love the “season” too, it brings in the people and revenue…but… Read More

Sit still. Change the world.

Read More December 16th, 2016
Eventually, meditation will show up in our daily experience.  With practice, it comes to us as sensations of being extra “awake” or aware in ordinary moments. At a street crossing we notice the beautiful clouds.  Chopping vegetables becomes pleasure.  The cry of a child holds… Read More

Mending the Mind

Read More December 2nd, 2013
“Where I come from, lots of front porch sittin'” sings country singer Alan Jackson.  I can relate.  Where I grew up in the rural Florida panhandle, there was absolutely nothing to do.  I can remember as a child, long afternoons and evenings sitting quietly with… Read More

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