Emotional Matters

Thinking, Feeling and Catharsis

Read More April 3rd, 2017
What is the connection?  What are the differences between thought and feeling?  Is catharsis real?  How can our clinical skills grow stronger by weaving these possibilities in the therapeutic setting? All of us have had the experience of being fully present with a client who’s… Read More

What’s In Your Trunk?

Read More November 17th, 2016
I returned home after taking my daughter to school, to find my wife sitting on the floor surrounded by photos of all shapes and color, most of them many years old and curling around the edges.  How precious these rare paper pictures.  She was emptying… Read More

The Fire of Anger

Read More May 7th, 2014
I’m driving back to my office from lunch today, drifting slowly through my sun-drenched neighborhood.  I approach a giant flat bed truck partially blocking the roadway in the process of off-loading paver stones for a new pool deck and driveway.  All over this tiny lakeside… Read More

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