The Optimism Angle

Read More December 10th, 2018
Get Happy Optimism has always intrigued me.  I once wondered how some people were just generally sunnier? Did they have a trait I didn’t?  How, for example, tough moments didn’t trouble them so much and they smiled just a bit more.  Maybe they made their… Read More

Are We Really That Different?

Read More August 22nd, 2018
“I made a new friend at school,” my daughter reports as we reconnect on the way to school this morning.  “She’s a little different in a good kind of way.  She’s interesting and I like her a lot, but many girls are often making fun… Read More

Choosing the Right Therapist

Read More September 19th, 2017
Trust Your Instincts I’m sometimes struck by how often people ask me “how do I find the right therapist?”.  As a therapist myself, I provide a good sounding board for most folks.   I’ve responded with words like “fit”, “instinct”, “first impressions”, “gut check”.   These are… Read More

Erase Conflict in 4 Easy Steps

Read More February 19th, 2015
Holding grudges, failing to share business related information, foot dragging, political sabotage and other forms of passive aggression can hurt your company’s bottom line.  Every layer of an organization is susceptible to the souring of human relations over past insults and injury ich kann satisfactory Read More

Presence-centered Leadership

Read More January 11th, 2015
Pick up Wall Street Journal or Fortune, and one might imagine top executives with stratospheric earnings steely and ruthless, narcissistic and Machiavellian at heart.  Hardly a fair portrayal.  I know many executives who fit those traits, some who make a fortune, but I think it… Read More

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