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Stop Fixing People

Read More August 5th, 2017
download ikea instructions When a child falls down near us, we instinctively rush to help.  This is a reflex.  Built in.  There are many of these reflexes in cats, babies, and especially adult humans.  Ever wonder why a cat lands on her feet?  Why, when… Read More

Ahhh…Brief Therapy

Read More June 8th, 2015
I cringe inwardly when I hear: “I’ve had therapy for years”.  My gut churns, and I wonder what was going on so long.  Don’t get me wrong…I’ve worked with clients on serious issues that have taken time vmware player. Overcoming the effects of emotional… Read More

Marathon Parenting

Read More April 17th, 2013
And what, if anything, can or must we tell our children about the horrific events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon?  Do we share our disgust and outrage that someone, another of our own species, could commit such heinous violence and acts of hatred?  How… Read More

Choosing A Therapist

Read More January 8th, 2013
Trust Your Instincts I’m struck by how often people ask me “how do I know I have the right therapist?”.  As a therapist, I provide a good sounding board for most folks.   I’ve responded with words like “fit”, “instinct”, “first impressions”, “gut check”.   These are… Read More

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