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Lifeguards not Necessary

Read More November 3rd, 2018
My mother needed a lifeguard.  She was deeply depressed lifelong and the end of her life was hard.  Smoking.  COPD.  I stood by and watched her slip away, trying constantly to encourage her, even “save” her, I admit.  I once had her doing Yoga for… Read More

I Can Die Now. Really

Read More December 7th, 2016
I can die now.  Really.  An easy permission comes over me, and I realize I’m pretty happy.   Have been for some time.  Of course, not completely.  Ever.  But happy enough herunterladen. I think that’s important.  Enough.  The Buddhists like to say this awakening happens… Read More

Getting There From Here

Read More February 14th, 2016
A rising chief marketing executive for an international technology firm contacted me.  It seems he’d gotten promotions and awards for years, but his momentum had stalled and he was in danger of being passed over.  An informal “360 degree” assessment revealed that colleagues complained he… Read More

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