Leadership Skills

Finding Sanity

Read More November 15th, 2019
A Birthright I’ve mounted a small framed plaque on my office wall.  It says: “Peace.  It is not the absence of noise, trouble or hard work.  It is to be in the midst of those things, and still be calm in your heart.”  An anonymous… Read More

My Fave Self Help Hack

Read More May 5th, 2017
My Number One Self Care Hack: Mind-LESS-ness A Break for My Brain I’m often surprised at the level of self-care and re-nourishment I’ve come to need.  A heavy patient load and a great family (Thank You God) are more than enough some days to wring… Read More

Higher Power

Read More September 14th, 2015
“Strive to be a non-anxious presence in an anxious system” my coach had said during a wilderness hike in the high mountains of California.  “Families, corporate teams and community organizations often develop fear, turbulence and dysfunction when anxious and become less effective.”  A “non-anxious presence”… Read More

Erase Conflict in 4 Easy Steps

Read More February 19th, 2015
Holding grudges, failing to share business related information, foot dragging, political sabotage and other forms of passive aggression can hurt your company’s bottom line.  Every layer of an organization is susceptible to the souring of human relations over past insults and injury ich kann satisfactory Read More

Presence-centered Leadership

Read More January 11th, 2015
Pick up Wall Street Journal or Fortune, and one might imagine top executives with stratospheric earnings steely and ruthless, narcissistic and Machiavellian at heart.  Hardly a fair portrayal.  I know many executives who fit those traits, some who make a fortune, but I think it… Read More

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